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What it Costs

We provide high quality dentistry at a fair price.

Realistically, we understand that cost may be a factor in your decisions and so we will provide you with a written estimate, on request, for any treatment plan we propose.

We will respect your budget and your treatment choices. Although we may recommend a specific option - if we see it as clearly the best available - the final decision is always yours. We will work with you to provide the dental care you choose.

For adults dental care is offered on a private basis. We see children under the NHS and their routine dental treatment is free of charge.

The following is a guide to our fees but prices can vary according to the complexity of the treatment, the time spent on it and the materials used.

Some of our patients have taken out financial cover with HSA Dental Plan.

Fees for other treatments are available. Contact: [email protected].

New Patient Examination from £50 (includes all X-rays)
Routine Dental Examination from £31 and X-Rays from £9 (each)
Advanced Cosmetic Consultation including with x-ray and study models £70

Routine Scale and Polish from £27
Hygienist treatment from £52
Fissure Sealants from £20 per tooth
Sports Mouth Guards from £70

Amalgam (Silver Fillings) from £60
Composite (Tooth Coloured) from £75

Root Fillings from £250

Porcelain Bonded from £425
Advanced Cosmetic all Porcelian Crowns/Onlays from £525
Bridges Per Unit from £375

Whitening (both arches) from £275
Porcelain Veneers from £525

Extractions from £75

Acrylic: Partial Denture from £300
Full Denture (one arch) from £500
Complete Set from £990
Valplast: Flexible Denture from £650
Colbalt Chrome Denture from £850

Implants from £2000

Consultation is Free
Invisalign lite (includes Home Whitening, Hygienist visit and Basic Retainers) from £2800
Invisalign full (includes Home Whitening, Hygienist visit and Basic Retainers) from £3500
Retainers from £75 each
Vivera Retainers (set of 3) £450
Fixed Retainers (per arch) £150

Photograph courtesy of Philip Black, Photographer