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Preventing further dental problems is the strategy behind all of the treatments we provide. This is one of the most important treatments we provide. Our ultimate aim is for you to have a healthy, pain free mouth and to help you to maintain this. By preventing problems we can reduce treatments and keep costs down.

The whole process starts with regular check-ups and advice for children – we are proud that most of our younger patients have either never had or had very few fillings by the time they get to age twenty and this continues into adulthood.

Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth and we work closely with our hygienist to achieve this for our patients. We like to spend time on dietary and lifestyle advice to help you reduce the need for further treatment.

We strongly believe in a preventative and minimalist approach to help preserve the health of your mouth and to achieve the smile that you want. Our approach to all our work, including cosmetic work, is preventative based.

Need Advice?

  • Alcohol & Smoking Many of us enjoy a drink but excessive drinking, over time, can lead to damage in many systems of the body, including the mouth
  • Diet & Dentistry Your general health and resistance to many diseases is reliant on a healthy, balanced diet
  • Contact Us If you need any advice or have further questions please call us on 01932 220111 and our friendly staff will be pleased to help