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Oral Cancer Check

Oral Cancer Check

The dental examination plays an important role in early detection of this condition. The British Dental Association has calculated that if cancers are detected early the chance of surviving for five years or more is around 80%, compared with the average of 50%. An oral cancer check forms part of a routine checkup.

Oral or mouth cancer is an abnormal growth that can occur in any part of the mouth. With around 4,000 new cases reported each year, it represents about 1% of all cancers in the UK and the numbers are increasing.

Mouth cancer is curable, but small cancers are more easily treatable. It is important that the condition is diagnosed and treated early – usually by radiotherapy or surgery. Mouth reconstruction may also be needed if cancer is extensive. If severe, oral cancer can spread and prove fatal.

What your dentist can offer

  • Tissue changes in the mouth – that might signal the onset of cancer – can often be seen and felt by your dentist. Your dentist will examine your whole mouth, looking at your lips, cheeks, tongue, the roof of your mouth and your throat. It may require further monitoring or to be seen by another specialist
  • Treatment will depend on your general health, where the cancer is located, the size and whether it has spread
  • The government is keen to encourage regular screening for oral cancer for those at risk

Need Advice?

  • Oral Cancer Oral or mouth cancer is an abnormal growth that can occur in any part of the mouth.
  • Alcohol & Smoking Many of us enjoy a drink but excessive drinking, over time, can lead to damage in many systems of the body, including the mouth.
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