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Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

We understand that some of our patients are nervous about visiting the dentist. We will do all we can to make your appointments as pleasant as possible for you. If you are particularly nervous, please mention this to the receptionist, the dental nurse or the dentist.

We believe a little patience and understanding from the dentist can go a long way towards helping nervous patients feel more confident and relaxed.

We can even prescribe oral sedation for patients, if suitable, prior to treatments.

It may be that you would benefit from a fuller understanding of the procedures or you may prefer to know the bare minimum. We can talk – or be quiet! It is up to you to tell us how we can help you overcome your anxiety best.

We’re happy to spend the time to introduce you to dentistry. These days there’s no reason for it to hurt! The ultimate goal is to limit treatment as much as possible so prevention has an important role.

Need Advice?

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Nervous Patients
Photograph courtesy of Philip Black, Photographer