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Healthy Gums

Healthy Gums

It is so important to diagnose and treat gum disease as quickly as possible to prevent tooth loss.

There are many stages to gum disease. The most common signs of gum disease are bleeding or swollen gums, receding gums or persistent bad breath. These symptoms can all lead to loose teeth and are often pain free. Regular check-ups are essential to detect, prevent and treat gum disease.

Some medical conditions can make the disease worse, such as diabetes and there are now links between gum disease and heart disease.

The early stages are often very easy to treat, by cleaning your teeth consistently and thoroughly. Part of our role may well be showing you how to do it.

The Dentist will work with our Hygienist to achieve this and in some cases if routine care is not working we may need the services of a specialist.

We want you to keep your teeth and healthy gums are an important part of this.

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