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Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

When you arrive you will be greeted by the receptionist who will check that you have completed the Medical History Form which you will have been sent. This is entirely confidential but necessary in order to treat you safely.

If you have been unable to complete the form, or prefer to do so with assistance, please arrive a few minutes early and ask the receptionist or another team member for help. You will be shown to the waiting room.

Your dentist, or their dental nurse, will then invite you into the treatment room. We like to take the time to understand your needs or to listen to any specific concerns. Do not worry if you have not been to the dentist for a long time or are embarrassed about the condition of your teeth. You may have cosmetic concerns, a specific problem or simply want to maintain a healthy mouth. We understand that all sorts of reasons may prompt a visit to the dentist! We’re just pleased to see you!

We will carry out a thorough, gentle examination of your teeth, gums and mouth and take any necessary x-rays to ensure that we have all the information we need.

If you have a dental problem that requires more urgent attention, please let us know and we will deal with this at your first appointment.

Some of our patients want lots of details, others very little. We always try to gauge this correctly but do let us know – it’s your choice!

We will fully explain our findings and diagnosis. Then we can discuss your treatment options and plan your dental care, together with associated costs and time scales. We can provide you with a written treatment plan.

If you have complex cosmetic decisions to make, we may recommend a further Cosmetic Consultation to fully discuss the benefits, costs and implications of your treatment options.

When your consultation is complete, our receptionist will book further appointments for treatment, if necessary, or advise you when to expect a reminder for your next check-up.

We take the long term view and believe good oral health is maintained by regular review.

We look forward to working with you to ensure you maintain good oral health. Thank you for your trust in Ashley Dental..

Your First Appointment
Photograph courtesy of Philip Black, Photographer